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         Controlling your Anger


Do you feel angry with yourself?


Are you calm on the surface but ready to burst like a cork coming out of a champagne bottle?


Do you "lose it" with the wrong person - "Kick the Cat" syndrome?


Is your anger causing problems in your relationships?


If so then your anger could be controlling you. Help is at hand.


Identifying the Triggers


What fuels your anger? Being laughed at? Not being listened to? Not getting your own way?


Identifying the causes or triggers of your anger is an important early step. Then identifying strategies to cope with these triggers becomes easier.

Identify your angry thoughts, what triggers them and begin to challenge them.

Holding on to Anger

Do you find yourself remaining angry long after the "trigger"? Often this is because of unresolved arguments or resentment at the outcome of an argument or even a failure to argue your own point well.

Consider and challenge any thoughts or beliefs that cause you to hold onto your anger.

Improve your communication and problem solving skills.

Letting go of your Anger

It is important (vital) that you can let go of your anger - forgive yourself and others around you. Many people can find that physical exercise can help.

Find ways to relax so as to control the physical symptoms of anger.

Try new calmer actions.

Can Counselling help?

Provided that you are committed to working on change then Counselling can often help.  Talking to someone else, in confidence, can help to identify what triggers your temper and to explore strategies for controlling your anger.

  To make an appointment, telephone me on 01483 426597 or e-mail me at

Anger Management Counselling for Guildford, Woking, Farnham, Godalming, Cranleigh and Haslemere Surrey including Aldershot and Farnborough Hampshire ~ A Professional Qualified and Caring Counsellor  ~ Specialising in Anger Management  ~ Counsellor in Guildford and Godalming Surrey (U.K.).


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